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"Amazing what an education in daily financial activity can reap! This has been awesome for those who participated! Well done, Renee! Such leadership!"

- Sylvia C., Retired, Teacher

"Saving money and learning! Thanks for helping us do tasks would have never stepped out of our comfort zone to do!!! Thanks Renee"

- Patti A., Registered Nurse

"This challenge helped me get organized and familiar with all my numbers. I was very surprised that mostly things are in order. My receipts are still a challenge for me, but I do use quicken to organize all my spending and savings categories. It takes little time and I am always in the loop of what I can and cannot spend on what. My biggest savings was taking insurance off one of my vehicles. One last important thing on my agenda is to review my old will and make sure all is in order. Thank you Renee for this 30 Day Awareness challenge with my numbers. You did a wonderful job of creating a flow of steps to take and accountability to the outcome."

- Charlene H., Business Owner

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